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Our History

Talos has been building lightweight strike vehicles for the private military sector for the past 11 years. When we were asked to build a custom truck we thought why not offer this product to the British consumer and Talos Vehicles was born. Our vehicles boast custom-engineered Talos parts built to last. A Talos Vehicle can be customized in endless ways to ensure they can handle anything your daily battle throws at you. Get in touch today to learn more. 

What Is Talos Vehicles?

Talos Vehicles Creates Custom Vehicles Built To Last
  • British Engineered Parts 
  • Bespoke Customisation Options 
  • Our Trucks Are Offroad Adaptable And Road Legal
  • Buying A Talos Vehicle Means You Are A Part Of The Talos Community 

Our Signature Range


Ford Ranger Raptor


Talos Trucks Built Your Way


Land Rover Defender - 90


Land Rover Defender - 110

What We Do

Talos Vehicles offers a wide variety of services. Our main focus is to work with our clients to create a vehicle that is one of a kind

Our Signature Talos Vehicles come with our bespoke front and rear bumpers. Designed in-house and forged from British steel these guards are built to last.

Our team is passionate about our Talos Vehicles. When you choose a Talos Vehicle you are choosing to be a part of the Talos community. 

The Vehicles we choose to work with are the best available on the market. From Ford to Land Rover we create vehicles like no other. Get in touch to learn more.

Offering unlimited customization options. From full interior trim to our signature badges a Talos Vehicle can be designed to your exact specifications.

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Talos Race Team

Talos Vehicles Race Team

Talos Vehicles is proud to sponsor the
Dean Forward Motorsport Race Team

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Talos Vehicles at the 2021
Yorkshire Motorsport Festival

Talos at The British Motor Show

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was turning heads at the 2021 BMS

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